Gettin’ Happy in 2017 with the Ukulele!

December 31st, 2017 / Sarah Mason /

Looking back on 2017, I am so thrilled that Infinite Music was able to bring free ukulele group music lessons to over fifty elementary children through our grassroots Makin’ Music After School program. None of the kids in this program had access to music lessons previously, and probably never would without this special opportunity.

Just a little over two months ago, with no prior music instruction, these new music makers began learning simple concepts involving listening, clapping, and counting. After eight weeks, they were recognizing higher versus lower notes (pitch); learning musical terms (language); playing chords on the ukulele (motor skills); singing songs while they strum (eye-hand coordination); and discovering they were making music together as a group (collaboration). With this confidence, they’re super excited to learn new chords, new songs, and even write their own lyrics. See a special clip from one of our lessons from Instructor Leina’ala’s class and our Infinite Music™ kids singing and playing the song “Surf!”