Making music with the Master: Jake Shimabukuro and Infinite Music™ kids perform at the Performing Arts Center

October 30th, 2019 / Sarah Mason /

Through their School Matinee Program, Cal Poly Arts and the Performing Arts Center of San Luis Obispo made a memorable and rewarding experience this month for twelve of our Infinite Music students who are passionate about learning the ukulele. Those enrolled in Infinite Music’s Makin’ Music After School program from Morro Bay’s Del Mar Elementary were invited to learn from and perform on stage with Jake during his matinee performance to hundreds of local school children.

Our students were so moved by the experience. Some have only been playing the ukulele for a few weeks; others are in their second year of instruction. Yet the timing was so perfect to inspire and motivate them all to keep learning and better themselves in what is, for most, their first introduction to formal music education.  

Without question, we know that music matters for kids when an experience such as this gives them the self-confidence, discipline, and empowerment to be a part of something special. They introduced themselves on stage, they practiced their chords in the green room, they primped themselves backstage in front of the lighted mirrors making sure they were performance ready, and during rehearsal they listened in awe of how Jake improvised a melody line while they played the rhythm. They were mesmerized by Jake Shimabukuro’s mastery on the ukulele, and inspired by his message to “follow your passion.”  Life-long learners are richly rewarded.

Accomplished musicians like Jake have a unique opportunity to inspire kids with their time and talents and to make a positive impact in the lives of kids through music. The joy of youth is that they are quick learners and this opportunity instilled in them that our musical journeys all start somewhere.

Infinite Music’s Makin’ Music After School program works to fill the gaps where music is missing for local school children, offering elementary-age students the chance to experience the transformative power of music through education, appreciation and performance.  

After the performance, one of the students asked, “When’s our next performance?” Kids say the darndest things, and that is a true testament to the magic of this special day. 

Are you a musician who believes that music-making changes lives? If you are performing in our area and would like to present a workshop or seminar to share your talents and insights with a group of aspiring young musicians, please let us know. This can be done during a sound check, or arrangements can be made for you to stay an extra day to meet with the students. Contact us.