No Boundaries with Infinite Music

October 31st, 2017 / Sarah Mason /

Someone recently mentioned to me they love the name of this nonprofit as it relates to our mission to empower young people through music, and I wholeheartedly agree.  The infinity symbol originates from the Latin word, “infinitas” which means “unboundedness.” It draws from its ancient understanding as the symbol for eternal value, empowerment and everlasting love. Simply put, that’s the core of Infinite Music’s enduring message: when we’re introduced to music as children, the benefits stay with us for life. There are no boundaries with Infinite Music.

With the showcase of our new website, we hope you’ll enjoy seeing what we’re doing, and help spread the word about our mission that introduces kids of all ages, especially those who would not have the opportunity otherwise, to the transformative power of music. Helping lead the charge for Infinite Music are passionate volunteers, teachers, educators, advisors, professional musicians, youth advocates, and just plain lovers of music who agree that music education, appreciation and expression should be available to everyone.  We also are grateful for the professional musicians who have already given of their time to support Infinite Music. There are so many ways – infinite ways – to get involved in this organization. Let us know how you can help.