Summer 2019 Recap

September 16th, 2019 / Sarah Mason /

Our June fundraiser “Infinite Music In Harmony” was a great success!
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Sponsored by Infinite Music™ and Hohner Harmonicas, kids attending the 24th annual Bluesapalooza music festival in Mammoth Lakes, California experienced a very fun harmonica workshop with musician Chris Pierce, a well-known LA-based singer, songwriter, harmonicist, and guitarist.

The students, ages 5 to 12, sitting among the tall trees of the Eastern Sierra, learned to play in the key of C to a blues riff with Chris and his guitarist.

The students learned how to hold their harmonicas, how to properly sit and hold the “harp,” how to breathe in and out, plus Mr. Pierce gave three important reminders for learning to get better with the harmonica as their instrument:

  1. You can put it in your pocket, and always have it with you, wherever you go
  2. Keep your numbers up to the sky
  3. Practice 15 minutes a day

So on that fine note, kids, keep on harpin’!

Are you a musician who believes that music-making changes lives? If you are performing in our area and would like to present a workshop or seminar to share your talents and insights with a group of aspiring young musicians, please let us know. This can be done during a sound check, or arrangements can be made for you to stay an extra day to meet with the students. Contact us.